Friday, 6 May 2011


So I'm sitting at school on my spare at the moment, procrastinating the fact that I have homework for the weekend, so I figured I would take the time and do another post. As I will not have a lot time this weekend, I am going up to Battle Lake (thats where the Alberta 4-H Centre is) for Ambassador Training. This is my 2nd year as an Ambassador, so I am very excited to meet all the new ones and have some good, quality Ambassador fun!

In Math class this morning, we had a bit of down time, a good friend of mine showed a very funny video to me off of YouTube. Here it is:

Not only did this video make me giggle but it made me realize that the beef we raise is feeding more than just humans. Meat is a very important substance in a dogs diet because it stuffed with protein and healthy vitamins. The majority of dog foods contain meat or bone meals. Dogs can also just eat raw meat, but it isn't as healthy for them when it is store bought because the meat is meant to be cooked, so the acceptable bacteria level is rather high. When I grew up I remember there was nothing my border collies liked more than having the bone from a T-Bone steak!

So the next time you feed your dog some of those small kibbles, remember that it is through Agriculture and the cattle industry that your dog is able to obtain his necessary proteins to keep him healthy and running around!

I have just added a poll on the side bar-feel free to answer, What kind of Dogfood do you feed your Dog? It will be very interesting to see the answers! (You can check more than one box!)


  1. Great video! How was ambassador training?

  2. Dear Michelle;;
    This was such a cute video! Your blog was very interesting! I enjoyed the fact that you're talking about raw meat, which I concur- my puppies looooooove their raw meat! Whether it be bits of steak, or a pepperoni stick, you were very accurate in this blog. I never really thought about where dog food comes from, but you did a very good job in your blog about getting straight to the point, but keeping it interesting in the process!
    =) Great job, Ambassador!

  3. Thanks Laura for taking a look at my blog. Ambassador training was a lot of fun! Please feel free to keep blogging and follow my blog.