Thursday, 5 May 2011

A Program That Changed My Life!

I have finally been able to pull myself away from my crazy life to write another entry. These past couple days I've been has mainly consisted of going to school (only 29 more days of classes!!...not like I'm counting :P) and then going to work. I am working at one of the Extended Care Facilities in Claresholm. At the present time I am working on internship hours to receive my Health Care Aide. Looking and caring after elderly isn't always the most pleasant job, but needless to say I do enjoy interacting with them as they have great pasts and lots of stories to tell. Also there are quite a few who have an extremely good sense of humor!

When I haven't been working this week, I have been trudging along on my 4-H Scholarship form that was due tonight. I am a HUGE procrastinator, so I was quite proud of myself when I wasn't still working on it at 11:59! (It had to be submitted at 12:00). Tonight I also attended and lead my last 4-H meeting EVER! At this moment I'm having mixed feelings about it. 4-H is the program that I can honestly say shaped me to who I am today. When I was nine and started 4-H I was very shy and timid. Its been through 4-H that I have grown such a large amount of confidence, public speaking skills, and overall life skills that I will use forever.

Another thing that I can attribute 4-H to for myself, was 4-H actually got me interested into the Agriculture world. Growing up I was a part of the ranch, but not a very big one. So when i finally reached the age of nine I was forced to start feeding these things called "steers" everyday, and attending all these crazy events! But the more time I spent in 4-H the more I realized that I really enjoyed working around cattle, showing, and becoming knowledgeable about all the different parts of Agriculture. It was from then on that I decided I wanted to be a part of the wonderful world of Agriculture, it holds so many opportunities!  If it weren't for 4-H I would be one of those kids who lived out in the country, called themselves a "farm kid", but really had no idea what went on everyday. Or how enjoyable and satisfying it is to see your hard work feed or supply something to either a human being or an animal.

I guess where I'm going with this post was to just inform you a little bit more about why I think 4-H is such a tool to expanding the knowledge about agriculture to everyone, but also a tool to help each member grow.
Is there a part of 4-H that has especially been a part of making you who you are today or another program? Feel free to share!

xoxo Michelle


  1. What other program would allow us to buy a wardrobe full of formal wear and teach us what is business like. P.S It also taught me how to tie a double Windsor without looking in the mirror. I guess you could also say it will help with jobs and making those new and cool friends.

  2. 4-H is such a great program! It has shaped who I am as well and taught me valuable life skills that will continue to contribute to a successful future!... Also I get to meet the best people and network in the agriculture world!

    Thanks for sharing Michelle!

  3. Michelle, my Grandma is in extended care at Claresholm - I wonder if you might have met her? Fay McKenzie?

  4. I for sure know your Grandma! She lives on the end that I work!!