Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Home At Last!

Well after galloping around in the beautiful state of California, I have now found my way back home to a nice cold and rainy Canada! But I at this point I want to tell you guys a little bit about my trip!

We left on the 17th at a lovely time of four in the morning! Being travel smart though I did not fall asleep prior to leaving, so every moving piece of machinery with and engine that I rode in that day I slept! It sure made the trip to California go by fast. Right away when we arrived we went to Newport Beach. Sadly it was a bit on the chilly and windy side, but it was still warmer than Canada! So we stripped into our bathing suits and went in the water!

Right after that we made our way to our hotel, quickly changed and headed to a Dodgers Game. The Dodgers were playing Milwaukee. If you ever attend a Dodgers game, I recommend getting a Dodger may be a hot-dog, but its a 100% BEEF hot-dog!

The following morning we went searching for the native animal of that area...whales/dolphins. But all we seen were some big, fat, smelly sea lions laying on a buoy. If anyone is heading down to California in the next year I have a pass to go whale watching for free! The rest of the day was spent in the Hollywood/Beverly Hills area where we were constantly searching for celebs amount the fancy cars and high end stores. We also visited the La Brie Tar Pits, where animals from the past emerge from the tar and they are able to dig up the remainders of the past. It was really interesting to see the size of a Mammoth. That evening we attended the Medieval Times. I got my farm animal intake that night, as there was lots of horses. There were six different knights who were all competing in medieval times activities, such as jousting and sword fighting. We were on the red knights team...he won!!

Finally what we had been waiting for came! We spent the next three days smiling, laughing and screaming at the, "Happiest Place on Earth." The first two days though we had to play a concert in Disneyland one day and then California Adventure another. We all thought that was OK, because if it weren't for my amazing band teacher we would have never been able to go. We played very well both concerts!

The following two days involved a day at Universal Studies and then half a day in Disneyland and then the flight home! Overall I would say my favorite ride was by far the Hollywood Tower of Terror in California Adventures and Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland. What is your favorite ride?

It was a fantastic trip that will make my Grade 12 year even more memorable. I did learn something about the Anaheim/Disneyland area. Before Walt Disney purchased the land where Disneyland sits, it was covered oranges. Oranges are California's main source of agriculture, but now a days as cities are expanding much like here the agricultural land is being destroyed.

Hope your May Long weekend was just as fun as mine!
xoxo Michelle

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