Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A Beautiful Day

I was fortunate enough to have both a day off work and a gorgeous afternoon! So, I took it all to my advantage and with the help of the siblings, we tied up a pile of cattle.

Daniel combing his heifer
My 4-H  Achievement Day is slowly looming. Sadly around Easter time we didn't have time to tie up our young calves like we usually do. As a result I'm a bit behind schedule. Luckily I have a very loving father and sister and they went and rounded up my cows from the field. I was a little hesitant, because the cows haven't been with the bulls very long and it can be stressful tying them and their calves up, and then showing them. This can then result in them aborting. But it is my last year of 4-H, so I figure I better go out with a BANG!
Combing out some shit-tags

It is amazing to watch how fast a small calf catches on to things compared to a mature cow. My brother received a 2 year old cow this year, since he has rather crappy luck with both his cows and calves on the staying alive part. We plan to take her to Bonanza, so we are working on halter breaking. Today was the 2nd time my calf was tied up, and by the end he was walking on the halter great! Compared to my brothers cow, who we don't even dare to walk yet. She needs a bit more post time!

In the next few days I plan to work with my cattle quite a bit. As a couple are not quite ready to make a trip to town, temperamental wise. Plus I need to do a bit more clipping and work with a show stick! Stay tuned for more information on the prep for Achievement Day!


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