Monday, 6 June 2011

Just One More Day!

Well tomorrow is the big day...Achievement Day!! This is the day that all 4-Hers have been working towards since November when we first weighed in our steers. These past few days, I have been prepping like none other also!

On Saturday we held our annual 4-H Bar-B, which is held at Claresholm Sobeys. The meat that we sell in the Bar-B-Q is from one of the clubs carcass steers. There was a 16% chance that beef was my home raised Hereford carcass steer! As soon as we got home we tied up all the females and steers that would be going to Achievement Day. I then started clipping. It is not advised to clip your cattle two days before the show, but since the girls were with bull I really had no other choice.By the end of the day yesterday, I had all my females clipped and had developed a sunburn. (I now look like a lobster!!)
Daniel tried clipping a little too!

While I clipped, Daniel and my boyfriend, Mac, snared a couple gophers (look at the end of the twine)
Today I did not attend the wonderful world of school, instead I washed all my cattle. Sadly though they went right back in the field, and I have already seen that my one cow has mud up half her back leg...lovely! Either way though it will make the work load a bit easier tomorrow.
Washing my heifer

The plan is to rise bright and early, load everything, and head to town! I will keep you posted on how my last Achievement Day goes!

Farewell for now

P.S. Since we had a couple really nice days this weekend I got to do something I have always wanted to do! I took pictures in my grad dress with my's a sneak peek!


  1. The grad dress picture is really neat! Hope there is no cow droppings on the dress eh!

  2. Thanks Stef we took a bunch more! At one point we saw a little snot on the dress, but by the time we got in the house you couldn't see it anymore...THANK GOD!

  3. In the picture you took with your grad dress( which looks awesome) your steer looks black... I don't know if it's the lighting, but is it possible, and does it occur a lot that Herefords can be a non tradtional colour of red and white?

  4. It looks like the gopher is more hereford colored then the steer... did Daniel keep the gopher as a pet? It would love to run around in your house, eh!

  5. Hahaha for both of your guys reference refer to my latest blog! I address the topic of my different color...but half from the same bred steer of mine :)
    And no the gophers did not stay around to much longer! ...Thank god!