Wednesday, 29 June 2011

What I Love About Small Towns

I would like to share a certain song with you guys that just recently came out. The country singer Dean Brody sings the song, "People Know You By Your First Name."

I believe that this song really gathers the essence of a small town such as mine. My whole life I have not really liked the living in a small town because people "knew what you did last night." But that has just taught me to be even more cautious of my actions.

The things that I do love about a small town is that you do know people, such as I graduate on Saturday and I know just about every fellow students name that I am graduating. My grad is going to mean so much more since I have been growing up with the majority of these kids since we were in diapers.

The majority of the things Dean Brody states in this song is what I feel and love about my small town Claresholm. It also is the bases for the reasons I want to raise my children in a small town also.

Hope you enjoy the music video as much as I did! 

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