Sunday, 19 June 2011

To The Best Dad In The World

Everyone has that person in their life that has had a humougous impact on their life. Well mine is my Dad. And what better way to tell you guys about this amazing person, but on the national day to honor all fathers in the world!

Building the deck!
I like to think my dad is a little different :) And the main reason for this is he is an immigrant. My dad was born and raised in the small European country of Switzerland. He grew up always dreaming of the wide open spaces of Canada. A story that we once heard from my dads sister, was in Elementary school he told his French teacher that he does not need to learn how to speak French, because when he gets older he is going to Canada to raise cattle, and cattle don't understand French!

When my dad was finished Grade 9, he attended "Farmer School" (those are his words!) A major aspect of this is they apprentice into farms in different locations of Switzerland. His first year he ended up at a mans farm who's sister lived in Canada! Well once he finished his second year of apprenticeship can you guess where he went...thats right to the amazing country of Canada. He arrived to a small town called Claresholm, and worked for Hans Ulrich of Ulrich Hereford Ranch. Within no time he had gotten to know the middle daughter quite well...and as you all have probably guessed that is my mother!
Only Herefords Will Ever Do For My Dad!

Since then my dad has never been back to Switzerland, with the exception to visit as often as he can. He has also became a major part of Ulrich Hereford Ranch. In 2002 we split the farm where my uncle continued as Ulrich Hereford Ranch, and we developed in Lilybrook Hereford Ranch. My dad loves ranching and cattle, this shows in the amount of work and dedication he puts into our ranch.

My dad was always the figure in my life that I lived up too. He is by far the hardest working man I know, and one day I hope I can have that much drive towards my occupation. Also when I was in my early teens I was down right set on the fact that I hated cattle, ranching, and living in the country. At the time they never said anything and just let me continue to have my thoughts about our lifestyle. But as the years progressed, I became to be more involved and really feel in love with the experience. Without my dad being the role model that he is, I probably would have never changed my mind.

On My Sisters Grad
All I can say is thank god that my dad came to Canada. I want to thank him also for being the best dad in the world!

P.S. Dad I know your going to read this!  I Love You!

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