Friday, 3 June 2011

My Little Red Wagon

As I said in one of my first blog, I have a fantastic younger brother! Daniel is nine this year, so he is in his first year of 4-H. One of the aspects of 4-H is that you care for your animal, that means feeding it twice a day. Daniel feeds in the morning, and I feed in the evenings.

But the big question, how does a little 70 pound nine year old carry two four gallon pails full of ration? ...He doesn't!

This is our shed where the ration is kept. The type of ration we feed is much like the 4-H ration, but instead it is made for our Bulls that we sell. But it works just as well on the steers.

Apparently Daniel enjoys to play in the ration with the shovel!
To get the ration into the pails he shovels it.
He then loads it onto his very trusty red wagon.
Off they go, down the alley way, to the pen of 4-H steers.
And last but most important, giving the steers their meal!

My brother has turned out to be a fantastic 4-Her this year! He hardly ever whines about having to work with the steers, and is doing a fantastic job with his steer. I am really excited to watch Daniel change in these upcoming 4-H years as he builds his life skills, and evolves into a young man. I bet Daniel is also looking forward to the day when he gets big enough that he doesn't have to use the little red wagon any longer!


  1. Very nicely done! His face in the picture when he's loading the wagon is priceless.

  2. Love it! Daniel is so keen. It's awesome that he finds ways to get around his age and size, and that you encourage him. See you at Synergy!

  3. As I sat reading this post I could hear Daniel's voice. I am so happy that not only he will be involved in 4-H but in the AJHA. Last time I seen him I think almost every article of clothing contained the word Hereford on it! He is going to be one great ambassador given his great personality and out spoken personality for the agriculture industry. And he will be pulling the Breed along with him like feed in the little red wagon. After all he must get it from you... :-)

  4. Thank you very much for the comments guys! He's a pretty spectacular little guy! Wyatt I really enjoy your metaphor, I think for the rest of his life Daniel will stay true to the Herefords...we trained him well :)